2006; this is one of the most important years for me


3rd January, 2007 Shinsuke Ito

Fig 1 EBM 9 participants

I have been studying and working hard since I opened my clinic in 1996. I could not afford to enjoy leisure time and hobbies. However, I could meet chances to start hobbies and enrich my life in 2006. I would like to present my experiences.

In the beginning of 2006, my colleagues and I had been making efforts to make the 9th EBM workshop in Kinjyo Gakuin University a success. We completed it and the meeting was a great success on 8th and 9th January 2006. One person told me that the workshop was one of the best among the nine EBM workshops. As for me, I could get extensive knowledge regarding EBM and medicine through the preparation. That was a landmark of EBM for me. Friendship flourished among colleagues. 2006 started with those episodes. Photo 1 shows participants of the workshop.

By the way, around the middle of December in 2005, my old friend called me to say that they would have a concert of Mahlerfs 7th symphony on 5th February and asked me to play the mandolin in the concert. I had been away from an ensemble for a long time but had a dream to play the mandolin in an orchestra under a professional conductor. Therefore, I appreciated his offer and started to practice it for the concert just after the end of the EBM workshop.

Fig 2 The conductor Mr. Kurowasa praised us

We played the symphony in the same spirit together. I made mistakes during practices with the orchestra but could play successfully in our actual performance. The conductor praised us on the stage (Fig 2). After the concert, I had an idea to play with them more. The concert gave me a thought that there were comrades who I had been looking for. I wanted to play with them. I felt positive when they praised me. Therefore, I started to practice the mandolin and began mandolin lessons from March.

I chose gChardash as music to practice at first because I wanted members of the orchestra to listen to it. Chardas is famous as a violin solo number. I finally presented it in a concert connected with mandolin lessons rather than for orchestra members on 8th July (Fig 3; please contact with http://www.hazamaiin.com/holiday/chardash.mp3 to listen to it. Unfortunately, I had no chance to play it in front of members of the orchestra.) At that time, I realized I might be playing the mandolin as well as more than twenty years ago. I won the 7th All-Japan mandolin solo competition in 1980 and wanted to be a professional player.

Fig 3 Concert connected with mandolin lessons Fig 4 The conductor Mr. Misawa praised us at a concert of "Das Lied von der Erde"

I had an email asking me to join another orchestra to play one of Mahlerfs symphonies named gDas Lied von der Erdeg after the mandolin concert. This was more difficult to play than the 7th symphony. The conductor and members criticized me many times. I gave them troubles because my tempo was off in a part that was one of the highlights in the symphony. I went to practice with the orchestra, but the tempo was off until the final rehearsal. I had the confidence to perform successfully with the harp. The part had been difficult to play without the harp and then I knew the reason why I could not play well was there was no harp until the rehearsal. However, members were anxious. I could understand their anxiety. Therefore, I remained very nervous until it ended on 8th October. Anyway, I completed the concert successfully (Fig 4). I am writing this article while enjoying a DVD of the concert. Thus, I realized the difficulties of playing in an orchestra compared with performing as a duo of the mandolin and piano.

Fig 5 Concert at a coffee shop named Kiroro

I played the mandolin in a big party at the Hilton Hotel on 22nd October for fifteen minutes. I played it in a coffee shop on 10th December for over one hour with the piano (Fig 5). Those were tough but very nice experiences to practice the mandolin solo playing. The coffee house concert was close to Christmas, so I played Christmas songs. I made a charming CD of them.

Through those experiences, I could widen my performance of the mandolin and view of music. I was very lucky in 2006 because I was given chances to play it in the last year of my forties. Those motivated me to practice it. A problem is whether I will have those chances in the future. I am planning to have a concert in my clinic in March 2007 with a flautist. I will have a concert connected with my mandolin lessons in July 2007 too. I am going to Nara to join the 10th EBM workshop as a tutor in February. Also, I will try to find chances to play it or publish my achievements. I wonder if those would be even more stimulating than my experiences in 2006.

I think that it is important to live with an idea treasuring the present time. Nobody can see the future but I would like to make efforts regarding my works, EBM, music and so on. Finally, I want to treat my interests as important and realize them little by little.

gTreating our interests as important and realizing themh is the same for everybody!! Letfs enjoy our lives!!

However, there is a problem. I have too much interesting stuff. Ifve already involved with the mandolin, musicals, EBM, English, singing and swimming. I want to learn more; Italian, floor exercises and the violin if possible. What should I focus on? My time is restricted. What are you interested in? How do you choose if you have so much interesting stuff? Please advise me!!